Breyer - Milan Plast Invitation 2012

Invitation to Milan Plast 2012

We would like to invite you to visit us at Milan Plast at the booth A09 in Pav. 13of our representative Caverzaghi from May 8 - 12, 2012.

BREYER's four business units (sheetlines, filmlines, tubelines and extrusion tools) have made interesting developments which we would like to introduce to you at the forthcoming show!

Extrusion lines for the production of clear sheet
A high number of lines was sold for the application of light guide panels for TV and and monitors. A new horizontal 3-roll calender was developed for this appplication.

NEW application: LED lighting sheet
This market seems to become huge and offers new challenges. BREYER introduces a brand new development: The inline imprinting of PMMA and PC sheet. This offers new opportunities for sheet producers.

Extrusion Lines for the production of LED lighting sheet

LI-ION Battery film
A brand new development is the calender technology for processing of LI-Ion Battery film.

Extrusion tools
Extrusion dies with multichannel was developed for the production of 2 and 3-layer PC sheet with PMMA cap.

Extrusion line for tubes
Our new line for manufacturing of clear PC and PMMA tubes offers interesting opportunities in the LED lighting market. 

Extrusion lines for the production of film
BREYER has developed the low shrinkage technology for encapsulation film for PV modules and sold a number of lines.

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