INVITATION - Breyer Extrusions - Battery Japan Tokyo 2013

Invitation to BATTERY JAPAN in Tokyo

On the occasion of the BATTER JAPAN in Tokyo we would like to invite you to visit us at our booth W10-36-C.

BREYER has started the development of strong calendering machines early 2011 in order to enter into the field of manufacturing of electrodes for LI-ion batteries. Now the calender system was successfully tested.

For the complete production of powerful LI-ion batteries a number of technologies and process steps are required. One core part is the manufacturing of the electrodes (cathodes, anodes).

BREYER has so far concentrated on the calendering and the coating process in this production chain. The equipment for calendering includes
  • the unwinding for the coated substrate
  • tension controlled conveying
  • cleaning
  • pre-warming
  • calendering resp. compressing system
  • thickness control
  • cutting
  • web controlled winding
For the coating process alternative methods are under development!

The new generation of this calender equipment represents a further milestone in improving the process of LI-ion battery manufacturing. In BREYER premises a calender line (production size) is ready for demonstration and testing now. It has a roll width of 800 mm and is designed for line speed up to 50 m/min.

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We would be glad if our information revived your interest and are looking forward to seeing you at our booth!

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COLINES ® Open House -POLYCAST® line - 11-18 February,2013

We are happy to invite you for the Open House of Colines Polycast Line at Colines facility in Nibia,Italy.

Nibbia factory, 11-18 February 2013

- 5 layers, 3 extruders (diam. 100 - 160 - 100 mm;
- max web width 2500 mm
- Cloeren/U.S.A. extrusion die with internal deckles 450 mm per side
- 4-component gravimetric dosing systems for each extruder
- zero-scraps in-line BIGMOUTH® refeeding unit;
- automatic thicnkness regulation and corona treater;
- JUMBOWIND® winder, max diam. 800 mm;
- net production up to 1100 kg/h;
- peak production speed up to 400 m/min;
- lowest energy consumption

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