Breyer - Plastics in Photovoltaics Conference 2012

Plastics in Photovoltaics Conference 2012, Phoenix, Arizona

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On the occasion of Plastics in Photovoltaics 2012 in Phoenix/Arizona we would like to invite you to visit us at our table top exhibition at the conference from September 19 - 20, 2012 at the Hyatt Regency Phoenix. With BREYER's extrusion process it is possible to extrude EVA film at a high speed by keeping the shrinkage low. That ensures not only a more profitable manufacturing of film but also an advantage in the sale of such film. Several lines are already successfully in operation.

In the meantime BREYER has continued with their development. Different resins can be processed. Single dosing of granules, powder and liquid as well as compound are possible. Also regrind material can now be used in the production. Furthermore individual embossing designs are available. The further generation of lines will be developed in the course of the coming year.

Take the opportunity to inform you about the latest trends, developments and solutions in the scope of extrusion. You will get new insights into the range of extrusion lines through DVD presentations, catalogues and of course in personal discussions with our Mr. Bormann and Mr. Rickel.

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