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Dear All ,

We welcome you to visit our principals at the K Show 2016.

The world’s premier fair for the plastics and rubber industry will again be presenting everything the sector has to offer in 2016. Everything from the latest state of the art and trailblazing innovations to development visions.

Many of our principals will be showcasing their latest technology at the K Show.

Key highlights of some of our Principals.

Illig will be showcasing the much anticipated next generation thermoforming systems.
T-IML, a path breaking IML technology all set to change the way we decorate thermoformed items.
RDK 54 equiped with the IC concept and all new Product Handling System.
Also on display will be the latest in thermoforming tool technology from Illig.

Colines will show case two state of the art stretch film lines.
ALLrollEX®-2000 cast line producing 7-layer stretch film Line producing the newest Superpower film with a thickness of 12 micron and with a prestretch of the film over 300%, the  production  speed is up to 750 m/min
PRErollEX®-1000 producing 5-layer pre-stretched in-line film with a winding speed over 1000 m/min.
ALLWRAPPER®-BASIC orbital bundle wrapping machine representing an innovative revolutionary packaging system.

Breyer will present their next generation extrusion technology.
Thermoflex lines to produce high quality thermoforming sheets at lowest production costs.
Tubeflex lines provide a flexible system which can produce multi-layered flat film in co-extrusion with up to 7 layers for tube production. In line lamination and printing is also possible.
Solar EVA film lines - Breyer technology has changed the solar EVA film landscape and Breyer continues to be a leader in this field.

Wishing you a successful fair. See you at the K :) 


Illig - Hall 3, Booth A52

Thermoforming Machines for :
Sheet Processing,  Automatic Roll fed machines for forming & punching.
Skin & Blister Packaging, Form Fill Seal lines.


Colines - Hall 16, Booth A39

Extrusion Lines for :
CPP Film
Stretch Film
Hygienic Film
Air Bubble Film
Barrier Blown & Cast Film
Refrigeration Parts. 


Breyer - Hall 16, Booth C18

Extrusion Lines for:
Seamless Tubes Clear Sheet
Technical Sheet
Multiwall Sheet
PET Film
EVA Film


Olbrich - Hall 4, Booth A 17

Speciality lines for Coating, Printing, Lacquering, Embossing, Laminating, Drying, Winding.


Cerutti - Hall 4, Booth C30

Rotogravure presses for packaging printing, converting equipment.


Waterline - Hall 4, Booth A15

Pouch Making Machines for Food, Pet Food, Medical, Pharmaceutical Packaging.
Water Emergency Solutions.


Corelco - Hall 15, Booth A61

Extrusion Lines for
> Corrugated Pipes
> Netting Machines.


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ILLIG at K 2016

Date: 19th - 26th October 2016
Hall 3, Stand A52

ILLIG at K 2016

Thermoforming Systems with Decoration, Hygiene and Productivity in Focus
Heilbronn, July 2016 – At his year's K trade fair from 19 to 26 October ILLIG, the systems provider for thermoforming solutions, will be showcasing its latest developments in thermoforming, packaging and mold technology and demonstrating its prowess as a systems partner for automated processes. In focus will be the performance of in-mold labeling in thermoforming (IML-T), hygienic production and enhanced productivity through technical optimization, as well as the systematic expansion of automation. For the first time in its latest stage of development the IML-T thermoforming line IC-RDM 70K together with the compact IML unit RDML 70b for flexible decoration of nearly any cup geometry will be demonstrated at the K 2016. Also making its debut at the K stand will be a flexible product handling system. Adapted for the ILLIG IC-RDK 54, this combination accelerates production for enhanced productivity. Visitors will also get to see the latest in ILLIG mold-making technology with new molds on display.

Leading IML-T technology
ILLIG is currently the only supplier of IML-T that offers all required modules from a single source that have been optimally designed to interoperate with one another. IML-T machines are deployed together with so-called cup machines of the RDM-K series and also integrated in form, fill and seal machines that comply with the stringent hygiene standards of the dairy industry. An automatic IC-RDM 70K roll-fed machine with a forming area of 680 mm x 300 mm coupled with the IML unit RDML 70b will be on display at the K stand to demonstrate the IML-T technology. The 18-cavity mold has an hourly output of approximately 17,280 rectangular polypropylene cups that are simultaneously decorated on all four sides plus the bottom with a brilliant photo-quality label during the forming process.

The RDM-K machines are extremely versatile and can be used for a variety of applications. Equipped with ILLIG-designed coffee-capsule molds, over 30 RDM-K thermoforming systems produce millions of capsules every day around the globe. The machines' reliability also underscore the value of ILLIG's technological know-how.

Flexible stacking and packaging system

Another new exhibit at the K will be ILLIG's flexible stacking and packaging system. The product handling system PHF can be easily connected to an ILLIG thermoformer in minimal time and is ideal for applications typically realized on RDK-series machines. The integrated unit allows the removal of stacks, quality assurance measures, and packaging. The removed stacks of formed parts can be packed as stacks in bags in conventional box sizes. Guided procedures for altering settings enable quick retooling, which lets you quickly setup the machine for a new product. At the K trade fair the product handling system will be adapted to an RDK 54 thermoformer. Equipped with a 12-cavity cup mold with a shallow forming segment base, so-called delicatessen cups will be formed out of a transparent APET film with an antiblocking additive.

ILLIG is a leading global supplier of high-performance thermoforming machines and molds, as well as solutions for the packaging industry. The company's product and services portfolio includes the development, design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of complex production lines and components. With branches and sales agencies in over 80 countries, ILLIG is locally present in all markets around the globe. For 70 years, the owner-operated enterprise has been serving its customers across the globe as a reliable partner for the cost-effective manufacturing of complex precision thermoplastic parts with innovative technology of unsurpassed quality and comprehensive worldwide after-sales support.

IML-T for premium-quality decoration and an effective shelf appearance: Brilliantly decorated packaging made of PP and applied simultaneously during the forming process will be demonstrated at the K 2016 on an ILLIG IC-RDML 70 with an 18-cavity mold.

ILLIG's IML-T can apply brilliantly decorated labeling to thermoformed cups of the most varied geometries.

The ILLIG RDK machines are ideal for producing transparent cups for fresh foods, such as meats, and packaging lids, among other applications.
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ILLIG - Soft, Thermoformed Air Ducts

Soft, Thermoformed Air Ducts :
Spanish Automotive Supplier Puts Third ILLIG Twinsheet Line in Operation

Heilbronn, July 2016. – A Spanish worldwide operating automotive supplier already put the third ILLIG UAR 155g thermoformer in operation at the beginning of this year. Air ducts are manufactured on this machine in the twinsheet method out of cross-linked PE foams (XLPE). They are suitable for air-conditioning of vehicle interiors. The automotive supplier, domiciled in the North of Spain in the Basque province of Álava, is specialized in the production of seals and sound-reducing components made of foams. The extremely lightweight ducts for guiding hot and cold air, manufactured in the thermoforming method, meet the demands of the automotive sector especially well. Compared to blow-molded, hard PP ducts still frequently used they provide clear benefits thanks to their positive properties.

In twinsheet thermoforming of XLPE foams two materials heated up to forming temperature are formed into half shells in the mold, supported by vacuum, and at the same time they are welded together on the outer contour. With the system developed by ILLIG; the formed parts are punched directly in the mold after the end of the cooling time. The upper mold part is equipped with extendible serrated knives. The lower mold part is equipped with grooves in which the knives immerse during punching. The punched out parts are held by holding bridges and moved out of the forming station in this way. Outside the thermoforming machine only the connection areas of the air ducts have to be cut – just like blow-molded hard ducts.

Beneficial properties – customized thermoforming technology

A duct made of XLPE foam (density approx. 70 to 80 kg/m³, subject to application) is not only substantially more lightweight than a duct made of solid PP (density about 0.9 g/cm³ or 900 kg/m³), among other properties, it also possesses substantially lower heat conductivity and better acoustic dampening behavior thanks to its structure.

In this way the foam’s lower heat conductivity and heat capacity minimizes development of condensation water in the air duct after switching off the air conditioning system. High elasticity and good resilience of the ducts provide further benefits, such as ease of assembly and reduction of squeaking and rattling sounds even with only smallest installation space available.

For air duct thermoforming XLPE (thickness 3 to 4 mm) is supplied by two material roll stands and each material is heated up in the forming station to a surface temperature of max. 200 C. Subsequently the heater moves out of the forming station very fast – movement time less than 3 s – in order to minimize cooling of the material up to the start of the forming process. Consequently, the servo drives for the upper and lower mold table are designed especially for very fast movement speeds of up to 500 mm/s, even for molds with a weight of up to 1 t per mold table.

A further benefit provided by thermoforming with ILLIG technology compared to extrusion blow molding: Several parts of even different sizes and geometries can be manufactured at the same time on the large-area mold (the UAR 155g features a forming area of max. 1.450 mm x 1.200 mm). This means a short cycle time per air duct. Thus air ducts made of foam are competitive with PP blow-molded hard ducts also in terms of costs – manufacturing costs per duct are comparable.

Breyer @ K2016 - Hall 16, Booth C 18

BREYER at K2016 in Düsseldorf.

Save the date today!

We look forward to your visit at our booth at K2016 from October 19 - 26, 2016. Make sure to save this important date! 
We will be waiting for you in hall 16, booth C18.
More information to follow shortly. 
Kind regards,

BREYER GmbH Maschinenfabrik · Bohlinger Str. 27 · D-78224 Singen / Germany
Tel. +49 (0) 77 31 920-0 · Fax +49 (0) 77 31 920-190 ·

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ILLIG Celebrates 70 Years of Excellence – Tradition Forms Future

ILLIG Open House 2016
ILLIG Celebrates 70 Years of Excellence – Tradition Forms Future

Heilbronn, July 2016 – Coinciding with its 70th year of operation, the thermoforming systems supplier ILLIG hosted its 15th Open House under the banner "Tradition forms Future". The event was held on June 22 and 23 at the company headquarters in Heilbronn, and was attended by some 250 visitors from all corners of the European economic area and from as far away as South America and India. Now in its 15th year, the annual event hosted by the global market leader of thermoforming systems has become a magnet for networking in the industry. Those in attendance were treated to a wide range of presentations and live machine demonstrations, which included trends in packaging technology, label decoration with In-mold Labeling Thermoforming (IML-T) technology, lightweight molds and end-of-line packaging. A diversity of applications differing in shape and size demonstrated the vanguard of technological innovation on ten of the latest generation, highly efficient and high-performance thermoformers in a real-life production environment.

ILLIG managing director Karl Schäuble also announced the highest number of received orders in the company's storied history. In addition to the developments in technology over the last three years, factors contributing to this success have been identified as the increase in market demand for in-mold labeling decoration and, above all, the good economic development in non-European markets. In the coming years, Schäuble sees the demand for more automation and hygienic production processes as the main driving forces of development in the industry: "We expect the increase in the cycles per minute of ILLIG machine lines will continue to be a decisive factor in the near future for high lot-size productions and highly automated production processes. To accommodate this market demand we will continue to improve the cpm-speed in the thermoforming and trimming process, as this will further improve the quality and reliability of the formed parts." To this end, the installation of camera-assisted quality assurance systems will be a contributing factor. Repeated cleaning intervals necessitated by increased hygiene standards are a constraint on productivity, for which ILLIG is also developing solutions.

Of particular interest among the live machine demonstrations was the IML-T on the RDM 70K production line in combination with the specially designed RDML 70b unit: Every hour 17,280 rectangular cups made of polypropylene were produced on an 18-cavity mold that included picture-perfect decorated labeling on all four sides and the bottom of the cups during the forming process.

New at this year's Open House was the latest-generation RV 74d automatic vacuum forming machine with enhanced performance in direct comparison with the previous version. The forming area has been extended, the forming pressure increased by 50 % from 2 to 3 bar, and the maximum cycles per minute increased to 40 cpm. The part quality has been further improved by controlled overlapping machine sequences and optimized heating settings. For demonstration purposes, polystyrene food trays were formed on the RV 74d using a 6-cavity mold. Some of the special features of this vacuum-forming machine are its exceptional flexibility, compatibility with cost-effective molds that can be self-made using the included mold-making manual, and its high availability.

The same can also be said for the automatic pressure-forming machines RDK, RDKP and RDM-K. The RDM-K-series cup machines deliver unrivaled solutions for the reliable reproduction of the thermoforming process and its control, currently not offered by any other thermoforming supplier on the market. In combination with lightweight molds, the new RDM 76K (with a forming area of 760 mm x 530 mm) achieves maximum output while simultaneously increasing the service life of the trimming die. In live demonstrations at the Open House this resulted in 126,000 PP sealing rim cups per hour on a 60-cavity mold.

ILLIG is a leading global supplier of high-performance thermoforming machines and molds, as well as solutions for the packaging industry. The company's product and services portfolio includes the development, design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of complex production lines and components. With branches and sales agencies in over 80 countries, ILLIG is locally present in all markets around the globe. For 70 years, the owner-operated enterprise has been serving its customers across the globe as a reliable partner for the cost-effective manufacturing of complex precision thermoplastic parts with innovative technology of unsurpassed quality and comprehensive worldwide after-sales support.

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Illig IC Concept

The IC-Thermoformer – A New Machine Generation which Thinks and Controls

With its “IC – ILLIG Intelligent Control Concept“,  ILLIG is raising thermoforming to a new, higher level. The modules developed for this purpose are built to boost the productivity, repeatability, availability and operating convenience of a thermoforming machine or a full thermoforming line. Dynamic process optimization as one element of this concept makes it possible for the first time to benefit extensively, rapidly and with minimized operator intervention from the best-in-class thermoforming technology offered by today's consistently servomotor-driven machine technology.
The advantages provided by today's ILLIG thermoformers are undeniable, whether it's an RDK (combined forming and punching) or RDKP (separate forming and punching) unit for the production of trays, tubs or the like or an RDM-K series machine of the type referred to as automatic cup formers. Servomotor drives on all motion sequences ensure high levels of speed, precision and energy efficiency, while the superior positioning accuracy and repeatability of these drive systems supports maximum overlap between operations, thereby saving process time. As a result, a thermoformer run in this manner can achieve major cycle time reductions and the output of thermoformed parts is increased. Compared to the previous equipment generation, cycle rate gains of well over 30 percent can be realized in this manner.
Needless to say, as automatic thermoforming machines gain in functional complexity, they also become more complex to operate and control. Today's operators must possess a high degree of process competence, e.g., to optimize an integrated thermoforming line and to match all parameters in the best possible way. Only then can high cycle rates (i.e., high productivity) be combined with constantly high product quality.

ILLIG IC: The intelligent operating concept optimizes sequences automatically
With the new intelligent operating concept ILLIG assists the user in benefiting fully from this combination of high productivity, repeatability and machine availability rates while also simplifying the operator's tasks. To this end, the scheme comprises a number of mutually compatible modules: 
  • ThermoLineControl
  • Dynamic process optimization
  • Compensation of ambient influences in the process
  • Accelerated mold change
  • Self-adaptive start-up phase (sas-up®), and
  • ILLIG NetService (troubleshooting and remote diagnosis support)
Hinged pack made of PP on an ILLIG IC-RDKP 72
and APET cup made on an ILLIG IC-RDM 54K
ThermoLineControl:  With the ThermoLineControl system, the operation of all individual machines of the thermoforming line can be centrally managed, monitored, optimized and controlled from the control panel of the forming station. This feature provides increased operator convenience, e.g., for process optimization and data management. It also saves time and effort during a mould or format change while raising the machine's availability rate (productivity) at the same time. Moreover, fault analysis and troubleshooting in the event of a malfunction are made easier and more effective.
´The intelligent ILLIG IC control concept provides an
automatic optimization of operating sequences in a thermoforming line.
Dynamic process optimization: The machine's operating sequences are managed via a so-called motion control system. It ensures that the position of each movement can be unambiguously determined and hence, accurately controlled at all times. This makes it possible to simplify the programs governing the thermoforming sequence, so that the task of selecting the right machine settings is facilitated. The operator no longer needs an expert's understanding of the interdependence of optimization parameters since the latter will be handled by the control system automatically and in real time. 
When settings are changed, the machine's operating sequences are re-calculated and adapted while the preset process parameters are maintained. Downstream stations such as the steel rule punch press, hole punching unit and stacker are integrated into the dynamic optimization system. As a result, the operating sequence is always controlled so as to yield a maximum cycle rate for the highest achievable molding quality.
Compensation of ambient influences: Before, the machine frame would inevitably heat up as production progressed, resulting in temperature non-uniformity (temperature drift) of the material band, among other phenomena. A compensating controller is now used to ensure a constant film temperature via continuous automatic adaptation of the heating element temperature or heating time, respectively. At the same time, the forming air pressure, temperature and cooling water throughput are monitored inside the mold. All of these features promote a constantly high product quality.
Faster mold change: A structured help system displayed on the control screen guides the operator meticulously through the mold-change process. His tasks are thus facilitated, and valuable time is saved during a mold and/or format change. As a result, the machine's availability rate goes up.
Self-adaptive start-up phase (sas-up®): The "sas-up®" self-adaptive start-up mode provides a reduced cycle rate and process-optimized settings. It thus helps to reduce the consumption of semi-finished input material substantially. Later when the line is switched to production operation, it automatically shifts to a high cycle rate and matching heater output to heat the material band uniformly to its optimum thermoforming temperature.
ILLIG NetService: The intelligent control concept is supplemented by the option to run the production line with ILLIG NetService support. This enables technicians to review all system components via the Internet, working out of Heilbronn, and to carry out troubleshooting and rapid corrective steps where malfunctions are due to equipment settings. This service effectively assists users in safeguarding the high productivity level of their thermoforming lines.