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Illig IC Concept

The IC-Thermoformer – A New Machine Generation which Thinks and Controls

With its “IC – ILLIG Intelligent Control Concept“,  ILLIG is raising thermoforming to a new, higher level. The modules developed for this purpose are built to boost the productivity, repeatability, availability and operating convenience of a thermoforming machine or a full thermoforming line. Dynamic process optimization as one element of this concept makes it possible for the first time to benefit extensively, rapidly and with minimized operator intervention from the best-in-class thermoforming technology offered by today's consistently servomotor-driven machine technology. The advantages provided by today's ILLIG thermoformers are undeniable, whether it's an RDK (combined forming and punching) or RDKP (separate forming and punching) unit for the production of trays, tubs or the like or an RDM-K series machine of the type referred to as automatic cup formers. Servomotor drives on all motion sequences …