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Achenbach Foil Rolling Mill

Universal Foil Mill

Achenbach is world market leader in building aluminium foil rolling mills. Innovations, such as rolling of up to 6 µm thin foil to 2 m width at max. speeds of 2500 m/min as well as strip threading-in and threading-out on foil feeding tables, have been made by Achenbach.
Typical performance figures of Achenbach foil rolling mills: Strip thickness range from 0.7 mm down to 2 x 0.006 mmStrip width range up to 2150 mmRolling speeds up to 2500 m/minCoil weights up to 6.5 kg/mm strip width
Achenbach Builds Foil Rolling Mills as: Universal foil rolling mills for the strip thickness range of 0.7 mm up to 6 µm and low tonnagesMultiple-stand foil rolling mills for larger tonnages with two, three or even more rolling mills. Depending on the final thickness of the mill products, the foil rolling lines differ in:

Foil roughing mills with strip thicknesses between 0.7 mm and 0.02 mmFoil intermediate mills with strip thicknesses between 0.08 mm and 0.01 mmFoil finishing mills with str…

Gearless Paper Bag Making Machine - Sun Master 541

Sun Master 541

The paper bag making machine Sun Master 541 was developed based on Curioni Sun Teramo long established experience. It represents a further evolution of the gearless machine and has been designed to manufacture square bottom paper bags with twisted handles, from the medium up to the biggest formats. As an alternative the machine can be equipped with flat handle making unit or both twisted and flat handle. The Sun Master 541 is the only square bottom paper bag making machine, fed by a reel, completely realized with GEARLESS TECHNOLOGY, that means driven by electronically controlled brushless motors.

The machine is equipped with an handle making unit for the manufacture and application of twisted paper cord handles which is in line with the paper bag making machine (international Patent).

This solution gives many advantages as for example a reduction of the overall machine dimension, easy control and operation and a very simple and reliable handle application system to the…

illig Form Fill Seal Line - FSL 48

Presenting the Illig FSL48 The new FSL 48 picks up from the proven FFS line technology embodied in the smaller FS 37 size model. Innovations introduced at the equipment and design level mainly reflect the demands of the dairy industry, where hygienic filling is a key theme. Accordingly, all components of this machine are made of stainless steel. Moreover, its multi-track filling unit (newly developed for the FSL 48 as well) is designed to provide CIP (cleaning in place) and SIP (sterilization in place), making the system generally suitable for aseptic filling.

Hygienic fillingThe hygiene levels supported by this machine range from thermoforming with sterile air to a configuration with all-enclosed filling section (also available with CIP/SIP) and an optional sterilization of lid foil by UV irradiation. Where no central sterilization facility is available in-house, a so-called sterilization module can be optionally attached directly to the machine to generate sterile air and hot steam wh…

Breyer Open House

Breyer In- House Show  - SHEET EXTRUSION

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012 - Production of PMMA sheet
Thursday, March 15th, 2012 - Production of PC sheet

10:00 am Welcome reception
11:00 am Presentation of Line Features
12:00 am Factory tour
1:00   pm Lunch
2:00   pm Sheet line live demonstration
6:00   pm Dinner at the Lake of Constance
Please register -  Phone: +91 22 3296 4721
Fax:  + 91 22 2661 4494
Email: Web: Breyer

Arrival Information
Other Details

We are looking forward to your visit!

Breyer Develops Lithium-Ion Battery film line equipment

For the complete production of powerful LI-ION Batteries a number of technologies and process steps are required.

One core part is the manufacturing of the electrodes (cathodes, anodes). This electrode manufacturing process requires the production steps slurry mixing, coating, evaporation, drying, compressing resp. calendering and slitting.

During the process of calendering, increasing of power density, optimized electron transport and enhanced contact between particles are necessary properties which must be achieved. Breyer has so far concentrated on the calendering process in this production chain. The equipment for calendering includes the unwinding for the coated substrate, the calendering resp. compressing system as well as the winder for the processed electrodes.

The required extreme low tolerances in the calendering process is a challenge for the calender itself. The long-term experience of Breyer in the area of calender manufacturing enabled Breyer to develop an sophisticated ca…

Open House: JUMBOROLLEX®-L.T. 2000mm line @ COLINES®, Azzate

COLINES® decided to combine in a single line its long experiences and its future expectations to offer to customers operating in the field of stretch film a high performance line. The stretch film market currently oscillates between standard thickness with high output and low thickness with high speed performance. This line is the solution to fulfill both market requirements.

The most significant technical data of the line are: - no. 4 extruders (no. 2 Ø 140 mm and no. 2 Ø 80 mm - double ‘cold’ trims recovery (without side extruder) reducing power consumption - 14-layer feed-block (extendable to 50 layers) and flat extrusion die, US make - Carbon fiber idle rolls - Advanced centre-peripheral winder for reels Ø 550 mm max - ‘energy saving concept’: execution of the mechanical and electrical parts to get an energetic saving (even lower than 0.40 kW/kg)

The  JUMBOrollEX®-L.T. line will be in operation from February 27 to March 2, 2012 in our Azzate factory. For further information please contact…