Breyer Develops Lithium-Ion Battery film line equipment

For the complete production of powerful LI-ION Batteries a number of technologies and process steps are required.

One core part is the manufacturing of the electrodes (cathodes, anodes). This electrode manufacturing process requires the production steps slurry mixing, coating, evaporation, drying, compressing resp. calendering and slitting.

During the process of calendering, increasing of power density, optimized electron transport and enhanced contact between particles are necessary properties which must be achieved. Breyer has so far concentrated on the calendering process in this production chain. The equipment for calendering includes the unwinding for the coated substrate, the calendering resp. compressing system as well as the winder for the processed electrodes.

The required extreme low tolerances in the calendering process is a challenge for the calender itself. The long-term experience of Breyer in the area of calender manufacturing enabled Breyer to develop an sophisticated calender system, allowing extreme huge line pressures with a special gap measuring and adjustment system in order to fulfil the high requirements in precision of the electrode manufacturing. The accurate and solid calendering system allows extremly low thickness tolerances. The system is equipped with a colour touch screen for adjustment and operating.

The new generation of this calender equipment represents a further milestone in improving the process of LI-ION Battery manufacturing.

In Breyer premises a pilot line (production size) is ready for demonstration and function test.

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