New website for Hi-Tech International has been created - www.hi-techi.com 

Change attracts the attention and Information drives the interest. Our website has changed to provide more information to our e-visitors.

The website has a 'minimum-scroll' approach, meaning the viewer can browse the entire website without the inconvenience of having too much scroll up-down or right left. Infact in certain browsers like Google Chrome there is 'no scrolling' required at all.

The viewer can use the address box links to browse the pages quickly and conveniently. Picture below shows the details.

Website follows a dual approach wherein the viewer can either search the required technology throught the products category or through the principals category as per his preference. Thus making it extremely simple and logical.

Videos for machines have been included wherever possible to help get a better idea about the technology. Picture below shows the details.

Please feel free to share your comments and feedback to help us improve this website.