Open House: JUMBOROLLEX®-L.T. 2000mm line @ COLINES®, Azzate

COLINES® decided to combine in a single line its long experiences and its future expectations to offer to customers operating in the field of stretch film a high performance line. The stretch film market currently oscillates between standard thickness with high output and low thickness with high speed performance. This line is the solution to fulfill both market requirements.

The most significant technical data of the line are:
- no. 4 extruders (no. 2 Ø 140 mm and no. 2 Ø 80 mm
- double ‘cold’ trims recovery (without side extruder) reducing power consumption
- 14-layer feed-block (extendable to 50 layers) and flat extrusion die, US make
- Carbon fiber idle rolls
- Advanced centre-peripheral winder for reels Ø 550 mm max
- ‘energy saving concept’: execution of the mechanical and electrical parts to get an energetic saving (even lower than 0.40 kW/kg)

The  JUMBOrollEX®-L.T. line will be in operation from February 27 to March 2, 2012 in our Azzate factory.
For further information please contact us:
Sagar Engineer / Sagar Bhujbal
Ph. +91 22 3296 4721/22/23
Mobile: +91 9833921721  / +91 9867156000

The demonstration will be held in the same days of IPACK-IMA in Milan; if you plan to visit the exhibition, we are just 30 minutes drive from Milan. Don’t miss this occasion: come to see our innovative technology running!

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