Achenbach Foil Rolling Mill

Achenbach is world market leader in building aluminium foil rolling mills. Innovations, such as rolling of up to 6 µm thin foil to 2 m width at max. speeds of 2500 m/min as well as strip threading-in and threading-out on foil feeding tables, have been made by Achenbach.

Typical performance figures of Achenbach foil rolling mills:
  • Strip thickness range from 0.7 mm down to 2 x 0.006 mm
  • Strip width range up to 2150 mm
  • Rolling speeds up to 2500 m/min
  • Coil weights up to 6.5 kg/mm strip width

Achenbach Builds Foil Rolling Mills as:

  • Universal foil rolling mills for the strip thickness range of 0.7 mm up to 6 µm and low tonnages
  • Multiple-stand foil rolling mills for larger tonnages with two, three or even more rolling mills. Depending on the final thickness of the mill products, the foil rolling lines differ in:

    • Foil roughing mills with strip thicknesses between 0.7 mm and 0.02 mm
    • Foil intermediate mills with strip thicknesses between 0.08 mm and 0.01 mm
    • Foil finishing mills with strip thicknesses between 0.05 mm and 0.006 mm
The layout of each Achenbach foil rolling mill follows an integral approach, whereby mechanics, automation and drive technology perfectly interact. Considering the desired production flexibility, Achenbach foil rolling mills thus ensure the permanent and highly efficient top quality production of foils.

'State of the Art' Achenbach Foil Rolling Mills

  • Frequency-controlled AC drive technology for main and coiler motors
  • Mill automation system for high-speed rolling with OPTIROLL® i2, including model-based process optimization
  • Variable crown (VC) backup rolls
  • WIN-SprayS® roll cooling systems with finest zones division
  • Minimum coil change times
  • Automatic spool handling systems with pup coil disposal system
  • OPTIPURE® rolling oil management
  • Fully automatic work roll quick change
  • Construction easy to operate and to maintain

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