illig Open House - 9-10 May, 2012

The Exhibition 2012

Experience brand new technologies and benefits by innovative solutions for automatic roll-fed machines concerning processing, quality and control concepts.

Experience the thermoforming machines like the models RV 53d, RDK 80 of the latest design and RDK 90 line interlinked with RS 96 granulator. Experience also two customers’ lines a RDK 54 and a RDK 80 for lid production.

Out of product range forming/punching tools our 3rd Generation RDM 70K with stacking device PH 70 is shown as well as customer’s 3 rd Generation line RDM 75K and product handling PH 75 and the granulator RS 90. Another exhibit is the 3rdGeneration line RDM 75K and product handling PH 75, rimming device BAG 50b, roller pre-heater VHW 90/4b and RS 90. A 2 nd Generation machine RDM 70K and SZA 73 latch stacking device with a tool for yogurt cups completes the machine demonstration in this product range.

Demonstrated are high-performance thermoforming machines and new developments. Thermoforming with ILLIG Intelligent Control Concept IC, realized by ILLIG.
  • ThermoLineControl for lines with administration of setting data
  • Process control to eliminate environmental influences
  • Dynamic optimization of machine sequencing for all devices
  • Operator controlled tool change
  • Error diagnosis / remote control

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