Breyer Inhouse Show - 'TUBEXTRUSION'


Top Line with new design

Come and visit us from 13 - 18 September 2012!

During these days, we are going to present our latest generation of tube extrusion "Top Line" in a new design.

You will receive an official invitation with the possibility to register online in week 29/30.
Please mark this date in your calender. We look forward to seeing you!

Key Features of the Top Line:
  • New design 
  • Energy saving package with considerable reduced energy consumption and reduced noise level 
  • Less space needed due to integration of the control cabinets into the line 
  • Automatic adjustment of the process parameters 
  • Aggregates at the calibrator are easily accessible
After the BREYER Inhouse Show further visits at manufacturers of downstream equipments (header/printer/hotstamping, etc.) can be arranged who have planned demonstrations in their companies at the same time.

We would be glad to help you with the organisation of your trip. Should you plan a visit at a manufacturer of downstream equipments (header/printer/hotstamping, etc.), we would be glad to help with the arrangement of the visit date.

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