Introducing Breyer FiberShape System

Playfully lightweight – innovative materials for heavy duty performance

Keep the ball rolling with ingeniously lightweight materials – Play the game of the future with BREYER’s new FiberShape system

With BREYER’s new system your composite production becomes as easy as child’s play.
A patented process provides the ingenious solution for carbon and fiber glass reinforced composites. For automotive engineering, aerospace, shipbuilding or sports – BREYER’s gap impregnation system allows for the serial production of extremely lightweight and solid components. Fast, simple and economically efficient.

Take the next step into the future with playful ease!


Simply efficient: Save time with extremely short production cycles and high output. The cycle time is just 5-10 minutes – compared with other methods an especially economically efficient process.  

Simply practical: The production of your molds is easy. The system has an uncomplicated setup and is easily accessible. Strongly automated technology and high reproducibility perfect your production processes.

Simply cost-efficient: With BREYER you produce your products in a costefficient and energy saving way. Different thicknesses are possible with just one tool. Save materials, energy, and tools. 

Simply cutting-edge: Your components are extremely lightweight and stable. Achieve high-quality surfaces on both sides that can be lacquered right after their production and make surface treatment a thing of the past.  

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