Breyer @ K2013 - Hall 16 Stand C18

Breyer @ K2013 - Hall 16 , Stand C18

Be invited to meet us and our innovations

As you know, the “K 2013”, the world’s largest international trade show for plastics and rubber, takes place in Düsseldorf from 16-23 October. Of course, we are part and parcel of it again and would like to cordially invite you to meet us – “Welcome to the show!”

A personal conversation and good cup of coffee are a good basis for an exchange – just visit us in our lounge at “K 2013”.
We hope you will have a good journey to Düsseldorf and look forward to you: “Nice to meet you at K 2013”.

Visit Breyer Extrusion at K2013
Hall 16 - Stand C18

News & Exhibits at Breyer in K2013

Composites solution: BREYER FiberShape

Unfortunately the BREYER FiberShape cannot be presented at our exhibition stand, but we will demonstrate its efficiency with a practical example.

Faster, easier, more efficient. Take the next step into the future with playful ease!

For automotive engineering, aerospace, shipbuilding or sports – BREYER’s gap impregnation system allows for the serial production of extremely lightweight and solid components. Fast, simple and economically efficient.

Breyer Extruder

BREYER-Extruder are extremely powerful and work very efficiently. Single screw machines with or without degasing zone. Hightorque drive or conventional drive system.

Stainless Steel Flat Die

BREYER extrusion dies are precison tools for exceptional products. You will appreciate what you get. 

At the K we show you a film extrusion die completely made out of stainless steel.

Important Developments at Breyer

Breyer Film Lines

Thermoforming film
BREYER ThermoFlex plant for PET, PP and PS thermoforming film. High performance extruders in combination with BREYER calenders for outstanding film qualities.

Solar film

With the new BREYER Cell Protect EVA extrusion line, your production will become even more efficient. The processing of reclaimed materials saves money. Modules with these films are already TÜV certified.

LI-ION electrode film
"The future is Energy": Battery calender film line for processing of electrodes for LiO batteries. With high precision-calenders from BREYER you achieve extrem low tolerances. 

Breyer Sheet Lines

Light up your life: With the BREYER BrightLine you can produce customised textured panels for LED applications. New structures allow an optimal light distribution

New 4-roll-calender

for high-performance production and best-quality sheets at the same time.

Flexibility matters! 
Take advantage of BREYER‘s flexible and efficient systems to produce sheet for technical applications.High degasing capability makes the drying obsolete and saves energy . In this way your extrusion becomes more economic. With the special fast roll-exchange device of our calenders you can quickly change between different sheet surfaces.

Breyer Tube Lines

Two successful systems:

BREYER eco·line

Everything good tube needs – for the economic production of seamless plastic tubes.

Today, speed is a top priority in many production processes. It's reassuring if you can refer to a technology that delivers good quality even at high speeds.

NEW: Thinner and more economical. Material savings up to 40%! For you, we have developed a new thin-walled tube, that has a fantastic feeling to it.

Visit Breyer Extrusion at K2013
Hall 16 - Stand C18

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