Illig - Open House 29-30 October, 2014 - RV,RDK,RDKP Machines

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ILLIG 2014 Open House

Experience the best solutions and technologies for automatic roll-fed machines in terms of process, quality and Intelligent Control Concept.

Dear Customers and Prospective Customers,
experience the newly developed thermoformers of the IC Generation, such as models
IC-RDK 80 with servo A/B stacking and IC-RDKP 72 with DSB and stacking. Further highlights are a RDK 90 with double handling and from the range of RV thermoformers we will present sizes 53 and 74 with interesting applications. Lines of customers available a short notice will also be exhibited with attractive applications.
The IC-RDKP 72 line is a special exhibit interlinked with the completely newly developed STAL 90 punch and die press.
High-performance thermoformers and innovations will be presented.
Thermoforming with ILLIG IC, ILLIG Intelligent Control Concept  – realized by ILLIG.
  • ThermoLineControl
  • Dynamic process optimization
  • Compensation of ambient influences during process
  • Faster mold change
  • Self-adaptive start-up (sas-up)
  • ILLIG NetService (diagnosis support)

Short presentations with summarized technical highlights and current developments for T-IML applications (decoration technology) and the booming capsule market will complete this event
 We would be pleased to invite you to a Knight's meal  at Guttenberg Castle (from 6:00 p.m. onward).

 "As soon as you enter the impressive inner court of the  castle, you will hear the thunder of cannons reflecting from  the historical walls, the clangor of swords and chains  rattling. Bloodcurdling screams will arise from the torture  chamber and a pale-faced ghost scurries - mumbling  spooky rhymes - across the spinning room..."
 Guttenberg Castle, only a stone's throw from Heilbronn, is  deemed to be one of the last intact Staufer castles in  Germany. First parts were erected in about 1180, by now it  is over 800 years old and has always been inhabited. To  this day, the fortress is fully extant. Since more than 550  years, the castle is among the private property of the  Barons von Gemmingen. At this beautiful site steeped in  history, you will experience an outstanding culinary time  travel to the Middle Age. We would be glad to share this  exciting adventure

Guttenberg Castle
We are looking forward to your visit.
Take this opportunity in fall to experience a variety of customers' machines live. 

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